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Tips for Property Developers using Architectural Property CGIs

How do I obtain a quote for Property Development CGIs?


1 - Email the Plans, Elevations & Site Plan to -

2 - Include an idea of how many images you require (or we can help to suggest the best images for point of sale).

3 - Martin will email you back with a quote the same day.

We will create a package that suits your needs and more importantly your budget. If you would like to discuss any part of our process, your property development or anything else, please give Martin a call direct on - 07540 88 75 20

How much do Architectural Property CGIs cost?


Although standalone images can at first appear expensive, the package prices we can provide for multiple images of the same property development can be extremely cost effective. Some property developers look at Architectural CGIs as an expensive luxury however, many of our clients manage to sell plots off plan with the aid of our CGIs. With Architectural CGIs you can get your property to market sooner, you are building a portfolio and can increase your recognition in the market place.

Why should you choose us?


We pride ourselves on providing a personal service where you will only ever correspond with myself (Martin) or Daniel throughout the whole project. Between us we have over 30 years of experience creating property marketing material, helping to sell 100’s of millions of pounds worth of property across the UK. Our aim is to work with you to obtain the best from your development for point of sale and to help gain planning permission. 


Where are you based?


We are based in St.Helens, on Merseyside. We are in between Liverpool and Manchester giving us a central location to offer our services across the northwest and north wales. However we do complete projects all over the UK.

How long do Architectural Property CGIs take to produce? 


As a ball park, our typical projects take around 5 to 10 working days to complete. Of course larger projects take longer than this but we will always try to give you as accurate a time frame as possible, keeping you updated along the way.

What is a photomontage CGI? 


Alongside Architectural CGIs, we can also supply Architectural Photography, not just as a sales tool but to create photomontage images. Essentially we add our 3D models into the photographs to showcase how a building will sit in the real world, once complete. These can be particularly useful when applying for planning permission or if a buildings position is enhanced by the surroundings.  

What do I need to supply for the Property CGIs to be produced?


The essential information we need to start any project are the most up-to date architects plans, elevations and site plan of the development. These can be supplied as hand drawn, as .PDFs but preferably as .DWG AutoCAD files. These are industry standard files that we use to make the 1:1 scale, accurate models of the property development.


Along with these files a material specification or at least an idea of which materials will be used I.e. brick type, window colour, door colours, RWP colours etc. and any other information you feel important to the final images.

What services do you provide for Property Developers?


We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of services for both Architects and Property Developers alike. We are essentially a 'One Stop Shop' for property marketing material;

- Property CGIs

- Property Brochures

- Flyers

- Architectural Photography

- Photomontage CGIs

- 360 CGIs

- Virtual Show Home Tours

- Site Hoarding Design

All services we provide can be priced as a package cost for your development.

Are Architectural CGIs copyrighted? 


As with our Architectural photography, we do retain the copyright of our CGIs, HOWEVER, you can do as you wish with them, we just ask that you do not sell them to a third party not involved with the development in question. 


What is Architectural Visualisation?


First of all, Architectural Visualisation falls under a few different names, a selection of these are, Architectural Visualizations, Architectural CGIs, 3D Visualisations, Architectural Renderings and even 3D Architectural Illustration, although the latter is usually associated with drawings in pencil or watercolour. 


Essentially these images are a fully computer generated representation of what will be built once the property development is complete. In so many words they are a ‘fake photograph’, a photorealistic impression, showcasing your development in the best way possible for point of sale.


What size are the images you supply?


Typically we supply our images in two different sizes, high resolution (6000px X 4000px, this is equivalent to a 24 megapixel DSLR camera) and also Low Resolution (3000px X 2000px). We recommend the High Resolution CGI to be used for print and the Low Resolution CGI to be used for web/email. As a side note, both images are identical apart from the size difference. The reason we do this is because the High Resolution images are too large to be emailed. We simply supply the images to you via a download link for ease of access. 


We can however accommodate any size you require for specific needs. 


How do you supply the images to me?


As the quality of the images increases with time, this also increases file size. This means that we can’t email the final high resolution images to you however, we can simply email a download link where you can easily access these files. This is the best way to receive the images retaining the high quality.


As a note these files can be treated just like digital photographs, they are supplied in standard file formats compatible with every computer and device. 


What are Show Home Virtual Tours?


New to the market, show home virtual tours are a 360 degree view of a room or exterior scene that can be scrolled around with the swipe of a finger or panned around when physically moving a hand held device. 


Instead of producing a still image taken from only one aspect of a room, we can now show prospective buyers the whole room in 360 degrees, as close to standing in the building as you can get. These images can help clients immerse themselves in their new home, seeing every aspect of each room like never before. This is a much more cost effective way of showcasing the whole house compared to a walkthrough animation and what’s more it’s interactive! 


Who owns Alive Visualisation?


Brothers Martin James and Daniel James originally started Porter James Media but recently rebranded to 'Alive'. We also have a sister company under the Alive brand, and All three companies are internet trading names of Alive Imagery Ltd.

Can I use these Property CGIs on Rightmove or Zoopla?


Of course, you can use these across the internet and on printed literature alike. We can even supply the correct file size required for these websites in order for your images to display correctly and at their best. 


Do you print the 3D images?

Although we don't physically print the images and brochures, we can however source the print for you. We have spent over 10 years building relationships with our printers to obtain the best quality and service. Best of all, we don't charge for this service and we never make commission on this, enabling you to benefit from their competitive pricing. At the end of projects, you would pay the printer direct.

Architectural Visualisation Jobs / 3D Visualisation Jobs? 


Although we would love to work with everybody that contacts us regarding a job in Architectural Visualisation, we are only a small company and most of the time don't have a position available. However, please feel free to email your details and we can keep them for future reference if a job opens up.

Privacy Policy

We use any inputted data in our contact forms to get back to you. Otherwise any other information taken is used to understand how we can better design our website for our clients or potential clients.

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