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We Create Stunning Architectural Visualisation House Type CGIs

Updated: 8 hours ago

In the ongoing series of CGIs from the Shrewsbury development we've been working on, we are presented with yet another glimpse into the future of this project. As we anticipate more to come, these particular house type CGIs offer a unique perspective by showcasing the properties in situ. This means that the surrounding houses are depicted as they will actually appear on the site, providing a more realistic and comprehensive view of the property development.

It is interesting to note that while some property developers opt for stand-alone house type CGIs without neighboring properties, the choice to portray the houses in situ adds a layer of authenticity and context to the architectural visual representation. This approach allows potential buyers to envision not only the individual properties but also the overall look and feel of the community once the development is complete.

The decision to include adjacent properties in the CGIs can have a significant impact on how the development is perceived. It offers a sense of cohesion and integration, giving buyers a better understanding of how each house fits into the larger neighborhood. On the other hand, stand-alone CGIs may emphasize the design and features of the individual properties more prominently.

Ultimately, whether to opt for in situ CGIs or stand-alone representations is a matter of personal preference and the specific goals of the project. Both approaches have their merits and can effectively communicate the vision of the development. As we look forward to more CGIs from this Shrewsbury development, we can appreciate the diversity of perspectives and choices that contribute to the overall narrative of this exciting project.



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